The Half Moon Car Service
COVID-19 Emergency Plan

– Statement on Cleaning Protocols

We believe that your health and safety is paramount. We want you to be aware that we have increased our daily vehicle cleaning protocol to include vehicle disinfectant cleanings before and after each reservation. The cleaning includes, but is not limited to, all handles, seat belts, power switches and door storage areas, windows, cup holders and all high touch surfaces. Chauffeurs that are sick are not allowed to return to work without testing and we are asking all passengers to wear masks who travel in our vehicles. This is in an effort to address the recent concerns around the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, as well as many other strains of the flu. So, whether traveling for business or pleasure, know that Half Moon Car Service is making every effort to protect you and your family so that you arrive at your destination healthy and safely.

– Vehicles and chauffeurs hygiene

We have set of rules and cleaning protocols to provide our clients with the protection need it for them and their families:

1- All our vehicles equipped with the disinfection equipment.

2- Chauffeur run protocol to disinfect the vehicle after each ride. Before every ride, chauffeur disinfects the vehicle before having a client on board

3- Chauffeur has the mask on all the time during client in the vehicle.

4- We have replaced all the air filter in our vehicle with brand new filters, Chauffeur will keep the environment control on to make sure the air purifier.

5- We have suspended offering items that are provided to the passenger such as magazines, mints and phone chargers

6- Vehicle washed by soap and water from outside and vacuumed every day.

7- We measure employees temperatures and assess symptoms prior to their starting work or require self screening at home with drivers certifying that they don’t have a fever or other COVID-19 related Symptoms.

8- If a chauffeur handles luggage the chauffeur should wipe down the luggage with antibacterial wipes, before passing the luggage back to the client.

9- Water bottles will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes prior to the client entering the vehicle. Chauffeurs have been instructed to open windows if required or requested by the client.


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